How it works

In a FREE Lottery Pool, the lottery tickets for the pool are purchased with advertising revenue generated from website or sponsored by site admin. All members who are registered in the pool share the same FREE ticket(s).

Unlike all of the other free lottery pool sites that only share profit if the jackpot wins , our poll members receive payouts when occur ANY wins (even $1 !)

Terms of Service

    The Pool

  1. No wagering or gambling takes place on this site. Our pool is free to join and play for anyone 18 years or older. All participants are responsible for adhering to their own local, State, and Federal laws, or the laws within their respective country.
  2. Tickets are posted prior to every drawing. Results are 100% verifiable.
  3. Аt least 49% and up to 95% from ANY wins will be distributed to pool members, according they own PoolShares
  4. All winnings are in Norwegian kroner, and are converted to US dollars at the exchange rate of the day
  5. Users will NEVER have to pay money out of your pocket or be asked for a credit card to receive their winnings.
  6. In the event of a Top Tier Jackpot win all registered participants in the winning pool will be required to present valid identification to verify name, age and address. Payments above $ 200 will only be made by Bank Transfer.

  7. Users

  8. Valid and Verified E-mail is required to participate.
  9. Multiple accounts from the same person, computer and/or internet connection are prohibited. Multiple accounts will be suspended and earnings forfeited.
  10. You agree to receive email updates related to services offered by this site.

  11. PoolShares

  12. Users obtain PoolShares when promote their own promote link or when LogIn Daily.
  13. Accepted traffic sources to promote link are mostly from, but not limited to: PTC sites, GPT sites, Manual traffic exchange programs, Manual faucet sites, Revshare programs, Grid/Prize advertising programs, Social networks, etc.
  14. Invalid traffic sources to promote link are mostly from, but not limited to: Autosurf programs, PTP programs, Rotator-advertising services, Pop-Up/Pop-Under ads, Link-shortener services, No referrer / direct visits, Fake referrer, Non-traceable, Hidden iframes, Visits through proxies/VPN.
  15. We reserve the right to mark as INVALID any & all traffic which we consider to be fake or of abusive nature.
  16. Users sending traffic from invalid sources, will have their account suspended and earnings forfeited.

  17. Payouts

  18. Users can withdraw their earnings once they have accumulated at least $5 in their account balance.
  19. Users must specify a valid payment processor address when requesting their payout. The payout, once sent, cannot be canceled.
  20. Payout address must be unique and not shared with another user.
  21. Users must confirm their payout claim through the link sent to their verified E-mail.
  22. From the account balance a payout processing fee will be deducted depending on which payment option was selected.
  23. Payment processors may charge additional fees on the amount received.
  24. The current payout options are: Bank Transfer, PayPal , Payeer , Uphold , PerfectMoney , Skrill ,
  25. Payout options are subject to availability and may be restricted whenever necessary.

  26. Privacy policy

  27. E-mail addresses or any other form of personal information regarding our users will never be shown, given or sold.
  28. E-mail addresses are used only to communicate with our users and to ensure the sign-up or payout claim process.
  29. Payment processor addresses are used only to send the payments requested by our users.
  30. We do not share any user information with third parties.
  31. Cookies are used for various tracking purposes. These do not contain any personally identifiable information.

  32. Liability

  33. We are not liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to us and therefore beyond our control.
  34. We are not responsible for any tax payment on the amounts received from us. It's the users responsibility declare their taxes.
  35. We are not responsible for any of the advertisement contents shown in our site.
  36. We reserve the right to alter these terms at any time. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate this agreement.
  37. We reserve the right to cancel any or all of our services at anytime with or without prior notice.

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